About Us

Bowbells Hotel is a welcome icon in the town.  The Hotel was built in 1929 and owned by over 20 different people in it's history.  Shawn and Theresa Wynecoop purchased it in 2011 and have been renovating it from the ground up.

The Hotel Lobby is still currently "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" but the Hotel Rooms are NOW OPEN


Bowbells  Bunkhouse is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!  It was purchased at the same time as the hotel in May 2011 and it was remodeled and reopened as of June 2011.  It currently has 4 rooms.  2 of the rooms have a Twin XL bed and an Adult Size Twin Trundle in them and 2 of the rooms have a double bed in them.  They rent by the night, week and by the month.  We take "PRIDE" in our facilities being and staying clean.  We hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to quality.